Projects by Urbicus

Key projects:

With a 40+ years of combined experience, Urbicus -a boutique urban planning consultancy- has assisted their clients with their different type of development projects, namely residential, subdivision, multiple dwellings, commercial, demolition, etc. Our motivation is to obtain the best possible outcome for the site, taking into to consideration the sites constraints and opportunities, client’s motivation and outcomes, and the efficiency of the design. This pragmatic approach ensures our clients mitigate or understand the risks and can make informed commercial decisions.

At Urbicus we work together with the clients, consultants, community groups, local government and others to achieve urban planning outcomes that meets the expectations of all stakeholders.

Listed below are some of the key projects that were handled by Urbicus:

Multiple Dwellings
Wilston Road, Newmarket
Small lot houses in Character Area
Jales Street, Sunnybank
14 lot subdivision
Montague Road, South Brisbane
Office building
Wilston Road, Newmarket
Demolition of pre-war building
Ellerslie Crescent, Taringa
3 storey house in Character area
Eureka Street, Kelvin Grove
2 into 2 lot subdivision in Character area
Old Northern Road, Albany Creek
Mixed Use Development
House in character area
Coronation Drive, Toowong
Office building